Anne Kananu Breaks Silence On Resigning as Nairobi acting Governor; Raila to Chair ODM top Organ Over Nairobi Deputy Governor Post & Have Some Manners Or Return To Opposition, Ruto Tells Raila

Good morning,

Have you noticed how violence has risen amongst us, just 19 days into the New Year?

It is quite scary to see people killing one another without the slightest regard for human life.

If it is not children slaughtering their parents, it is children slaughtering teachers and security guards.

When the same children are not slaughtering their parents and teachers, they are killing their fellow children in a cultic fashion, going to the extent of drinking the victims’ blood!

Parents have also not been left behind in the emerging trend, as several cases of husbands killing wives after domestic squabbles have also been reported.

The question is, what is making these murderers tick?

In the case of adults, we can perhaps say that there is a wave of depression going around, what with the economic recession brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

It is, however, difficult to say the same for children who spent almost an entire year at home without the pressure of education.

Perhaps toxic parents are to blame. If we were mean and violent towards our children during their stay with us, perhaps they are projecting the same onto their supervisors outside homes?

As the popular Kenyan saying goes, “BBI will solve this problem too.”

Here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

Acting Nairobi Governor Anne Kananu Breaks Silence On Resigning From Office Hours After Taking Over

Nairobi County Deputy Governor Ann Kananu Mwenda. PHOTO: Courtesy

The leadership drama at the Nairobi county government continues to play out for all kenyans to see and make inferences on the drawbacks of the devolved system of government.

After the impeachment of former county boss Mike Sonko, county assembly speaker Benson Mutura took over in an acting capacity with Sonko nominee for deputy Governor Anne Kananu hastily vetted and sworn in as deputy governor and yesterday took over the reigns of power as acting governor.

However, there were unconfirmed claims that the power brokers were keen on having Kananu as governor for a short time before appointing a deputy governor and resigning for the deputy governor to take over.

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Raila to chair ODM top organ over Nairobi deputy governor post

ODM leader Raila Odinga

ODM has convened a meeting of a key decision-making organ to hammer a deal on its nominee for the Nairobi deputy governor slot.

The Star has established that party leader Raila Odinga will on Wednesday hold a meeting with the lean Central Management Committee—a crucial organ that has weeping powers on party decisions.

This even as it emerged that there are jitters within the party over reports that Jubilee might go against a gentleman’s agreement and name the deputy governor.

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Have Some Manners Or Return To Opposition, Ruto Tells Raila

Deputy President William Ruto.

Deputy President William Ruto has accused Raila Odinga of derailing Jubilee’s development agenda through the March 2018 handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Speaking on Sunday after opening the newly-constructed Africa Inland Church (AIC) in Londiani town, Kericho County, Ruto said Raila should play his role as an opposition leader “instead of having one leg in government and the other outside it”.

“We welcomed you (in government). Please have some manners or go back to the opposition. You cannot continue to lecture us on why certain things have not happened yet you are the one causing confusion,” he said.

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Do you think the ascension of Ann Kananu Mwenda to the verge of Nairobi governorship as the IEBC prepares a by-election for the same seat is a sign of how chaotic the 2022 election will be?

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