Trailer Plunges Into the Indian Ocean at Likoni Channel; New Twist Emerges in Uhuru Relative Murder Case & Matiang’i Installation as Kisii Elder Signals Bid for Higher Office

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In any system, we are used to a certain order of power, that is, power trickles down from the biggest entity to the smallest.

However, the Kenyan road system seems to have evolved from the natural order of things.

Back in the day, the most feared road users were trailer drivers who would intimidate smaller vehicles on highways.

When the notorious Nganyas were introduced into the transport system, things quickly changed, as the cool kids bullied their way to their destinations, apparently under police protection.

Nowadays, motorbikes (nduthis) rule the roads, and commercial riders have become the most feared highway users.

In fact, getting into an accident involving a motorbike is a quicker way to die than getting into a grisly accident.

This is because of the violent manner in which riders react to traffic incidents, with a swarm of them appearing from nowhere and vandalizing vehicles, sometimes lynching drivers and now, an emerging trend is torching vehicles.

Better regulations on road sharing in Kenya should be formulated and implemented to keep everyone in check before our highways fall into anarchy.

Meanwhile here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

Trailer Plunges Into the Indian Ocean at the Likoni Channel

The ill-fated trailer.

A trailer plunged into the Indian Ocean at the Likoni crossing channel early on Wednesday morning, reports say.

Witnesses say the driver of the trailer lost control as he tried to maneuver into the ferry. He was headed to Mombasa.

Witnesses said the trailer was hauling maize from Tanzania although the exact quantity remains unknown.

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New Twist Emerges in Uhuru Relative Murder Case

A police vehicle at a scene of a crime.

Detectives investigating the brutal murder of a relative of President Uhuru Kenyatta have uncovered conflicting evidence from what was initially recorded.

The victim identified as Peter Njuguna Mbeca was a grandson of Mama Ngina Kenyatta’s father, Senior Chief Muhoho Gathega.

According to initial police reports, the 65-year-old businessman was attacked in his home by a gang on Sunday, January 10. His wife Teresia Wanjiru Njuguna who was with the deceased was however not harmed in the incident.

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Matiang’i installation as Kisii elder signals bid for ‘higher office’

Fred Matiang’i and Uhuru kenyatta.

The installation of Interior CS Fred Matiang’i as the Abagusii community spokesperson has triggered speculation he could plunge into politics ahead of the 2022 General Election.

The position would elevate Matiang’i to be the community’s political torchbearer, 13 years after the Abagusii kingpin, Simon Nyachae, retired from active politics.

This even as it emerged that an elaborate ceremony is being planned by elders in two months time to coronate the CS as an elder, making him the community’s de facto kingpin.

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