COTU Issues Clarification on Plan for Papa Shirandula

COTU has come out to put the record straight after reports claimed that the late Papa Shirandula was rewarded by the organisation.

The trade union’s official who spoke directly to Opera News clarified that the information doing rounds on social media was misunderstood.

The civil servants’ group through the office of COTU Secretary Gen Francis Atwoli noted that the late actor was not rewarded with any special packages for his special talent.

Cotu Secretary General Francis Atwoli during a past meeting

The office expressed that they had instead added the deceased to a potential pensioners list which was yet to be debated.

The institution pointed out that Papa Shirandula, whose real is Charles Bukeko, would have benefited from the plan upon retirement.

Atwoli’s office highlighted that the organised list was still being discussed on before the go-ahead is given.

“COTU had not rewarded the late Papa Shirandula with any special package as a way of recognizing his talent… COTU had enlisted him in the list of our POTENTIAL pensioners who, after retiring from acting, would have benefited from our pension scheme. This list was still yet to be debated,” stated the office of the Secretary-General.

The late Charles Bukeko alias Papa Shirandula

The contentious information in regards to the rewarding of the 58-year-old actor resulted from a condolences message by Atwoli.

The Sec-gen had penned an emotional letter praising Shirandula after he passed away last Saturday at Karen Hospital.

The vocal leader pointed out that the vibrant artist was a very close friend to him.

He also stated that the Citizen TV show star was close to the organisation.

“On behalf of my family, COTU(K) & OATTU, I join other Kenyans in celebrating the life of Charles Bukeko alias Papa Shirandula.

“Papa was a personal friend not just to me and some of my family members but to COTU(K).

“As COTU(K) we had enlisted him on the list of our pensioners,” remarked Atwoli.

The vocal leader explained that the gesture was a way of appreciating exceptional actors such as Shirandula.

“This is our way of recognizing and appreciating some of our best artists, particularly those in drama.

“Papa was, indeed, one of the best thespian in Kenya.

“He cropped up an entire generation of artists. May he rest in eternal peace,” stated the COTU leader.

Shirandula who reportedly succumbed to Covid-19 was laid to rest at his Busia home on Monday.

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