Uhuru’s Impeachment: Will LSK Succeed in Its Onslaught Against the President?

In the second week of June, the incessant wrangles among Kenyans leaders focused on the Executive and the Judiciary, which was a much-needed break from the Jubilee Tangatanga purge politics.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Kirinyaga governor Ann Waiguru were this week placed on the chopping board for a change, with Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula, Attorney General Kihara Kariuki, Law Society of Kenya’s head Nelson Havi, Treasury CS Ukur Yattani, and Tik Tok queen Azziad Nasenya also featuring in the spotlight.

Here is how the week went down:

Waiguru Impeachment

They say that when it rains, it pours, and for Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru, it looks like a Tsunami is headed her way.

The County Head was impeached by the Kirinyaga County Assembly on Tuesday, and while everyone expected the court to rescue her from her woes, her being the Jubilee Party ‘sweetheart’ and all, Justice Weldon Korir declined to illegalize the ouster decision, which means Waiguru now has to face the Senate.

Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru

While the court decision on her impeachment might have come as a surprise to many, it is quite tempting for Kenyans to connect it to the ongoing wrangles between President Uhuru Kenyatta, and the head of the Judiciary, David Maraga.

Maraga airs his dirty laundry in public, again

On Monday, the CJ once again called a press conference, to call out the Head of State for frustrating him, this time around, on matters appointment of judges.

The Chief Justice had in November 2019 pulled a similar move, accusing Uhuru of starving the Judiciary. The President’s response? Money does not grow on trees.

While Uhuru has not yet responded to the CJ’s latest outburst, Attorney General Kihara Kariuki on Tuesday hung Maraga out to dry, advising him to avoid getting too personal and to utilize the direct lines of communication with Uhuru, that he has access to.

A human rights activist, Timothy Odhiambo, has since filed for the removal of Maraga as the Head of Judiciary.

Out With Uhuru

While still on matters learned friends, the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) has now moved to initiate the process of having President Uhuru impeached. According to LSK boss Nelson Havi, the President has violated his duty to protect the Constitution and has, instead, continuously and blatantly, ignored court orders at his own convenience.

Further, Havi revealed that the LSK would strike off AG Kariuki and the Solicitor General from the official list of advocates in the country.

Wetangula Under Fire

Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula, just like Waiguru and Uhuru, is also dealing with looming removal from power.

Wetangula was initially overthrown from his party leadership position on May 31st, but following a series of battles at the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties, the politician is still hanging on…for now.

Azziad Shines Brighter

As politicians deal with coups and impeachments, one Azziad Naisenya is celebrating a major promotion, after landing an acting role in an upcoming telenovela.

Azziad Nasenya

It seems that the 19-year old Tik Tok queen, of the Utawezana dance fame, will, after all, get to reap the benefits of her entertainment talent, despite Femi One, the artiste behind the hit song, having declined to pay her, for her unofficial role in getting the piece trending across the globe.

Budget 2020/2021

Speaking of payment, the 2020-2021 budget is out, just in time to boost the government in its struggle to heal the ailing economy.

Treasury CS Ukur Yattani

The Ksh2.7 trillion financial plan heavily favors the health, entrepreneurship, education, and taxation fields, with Kenyans expected to start paying taxes for online transactions, and for downloading apps.

As everyone tries to pick up the pieces of their lives left scattered following the Coronavirus pandemic, all we can hope for is that the government properly utilizes these trillions of shillings for the benefit of the mwananchi, otherwise, if things remain as they are, there will be no taxpayers to oppress in the coming days, will there?

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