DP Ruto & Talai Clan Elders: Blessings or Witchcraft?

Deputy President William Ruto’s trip to Nandi county to meet Talai clan elders still elicits debate.

The rituals on the morning of Friday, 5th June in Kapsisiywa have seen many Kenyans question DP Ruto’s faith as a Christian.

dp ruto talai clan elders
Deputy President William Ruto during the coronation ceremony in Nandi county. Photo: Courtesy

“I now unequivocally support the reopening of churches. We will need every knee on the floor to break whatever dark bondages were placed on this nation in that Nandi forest. Whatever Covid does to us pales in comparison to those ritualistic sacrifices by DP Ruto” said Edwin Sifuna, ODM Secretary General.

Lawyer Donald Kipkorir opined that whatever took place on that day was witchcraft that is not embraced by the whole community.

Others further claimed that DP Ruto is hypocritical as he had in the past termed those visiting traditional elders as ‘waganga’.

However, his supporters were quick to note that there is nothing wrong with mixing religion and African cultural practices.

One of his key supporters, Dennis Itumbi, pointed out that among the Talai elders are top church leaders.

dp ruto talai clan elders
DP Ruto with the Talai clan elders, church leaders also attended the ceremony. Photo: Courtesy

“When Christianity meets culture. Bishop Kimengich of Eldoret Catholic Diocese crowned ELDER by Talai Elders… Like Talai Elders Chair, Anglican Rev. Canon James Baas, has since said ‘Yale ambayo mnasema, sisi hatujui hiyo, na tunaombea nyinyi Mungu awasamehe’”, Itumbi tweeted.

DP Ruto was also given a Bible and hymn book, an indication that the elders recognised Christianity. He was also handed a baton, a symbol of leadership.

The supporters also added that Ruto is not the only leader who has visited the Taila elders. Even President Uhuru Kenyatta visited the elders in 2013, they said.

dp ruto talai clan elders
DP Ruto has never hesitated to profess his Christian faith. Photo: Courtesy

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