Ways You Can Support Your Pregnant Wife During Corona Pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic has put a halt to the normal ways of life. With the social distancing measure in place, a lot of acts of love have been removed from the equation.

For pregnant mothers and their spouses, it hasn’t become any easier either. For one, your pregnant wife needs you now more than ever.

So instead of panicking, here are a few ways to be there for her.

Help out

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Growing a child is not an easy process. She’s pregnant meaning she’s probably tired most of the time and sleepy the rest of the time. You can support her by undertaking extra chores around the house and in going to the supermarket for supplies and groceries.


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There is a high chance that your wife is panicking now. Leaving the house let alone going to the hospital for check-ups are scarier with coronavirus so eminent. You can support her by listening to her and reassuring her, this will calm her down.


Two things that go together like white on rice are pregnancy and cravings. Despite it not being business as usual, try and get her the cravings she needs if you can. This will help her calm down and feel safer during this pandemic.

Read Together

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Knowledge is power. Read books and blogs together about the pregnancy process so that you are better equipped to help her during this time.

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