Uproar After Inhumane Ruai Evictions


Kenyans have taken to social media to voice their anger and frustrations after hundreds of families were left homeless in Ruai after evictions termed by most as inhumane.

The demolitions by the government which took place in darkness have been rebuked by Kenyans at large.

Reports indicate over 60 houses were brought down by the bulldozers on the night of Friday, May 15, leaving hundreds of families homeless and hopeless.

The eviction came barely a week after a similar exercise was carried out in Kariobangi North where hundreds of families were evicted to pave way for construction of a modern city sewer.

Losing your home during this corona pandemic has been termed by some as a death sentence as the cessation rule in Nairobi is upheld.

Kenyans have come out in numbers to express their anger this Monday morning. Here are some of their reactions.



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