Pesa Otas! Eric Omondi’s Lover Speaks On Her Cosmetics and Family Business Earning Them ‘Millions’

PHOTO/COURTESY Chantal Grazioli Instagram

Although many people know her just as Eric Omondi’s lover, there is a side of her as a businesswoman not many people know about. Chantal Grazioli is the mastermind and CEO of Chantybeautyproducts, a Cosmetic business that she launched earlier this year.

Speaking exclusively to Opera News, Chantal reveals that she has been working towards building her business empire and shares with us what she plans on achieving in her new venture.

According to Italian-Kenyan business lady, says that her inspiration is drawn from the desire to become her own boss and this is what drove her towards the recently established business.

“I wanted to try something new and challenge myself into being my own boss.”

The beauty and cosmetic business is not new in the Kenyan market and has gained momentum with a number of female celebrities like Caroline Mutoko,Huddah Monroe,Kibanja and Adelle Onyango already having established their companies.

Even though it might seem like a crowded industry this did not stop Chantal from pursuing her goal. According to the business lady, she believes that what makes her products different from what others are offering is the fact that her merchandise is naturally extracted and therefore have no side effects.

PHOTO/COURTESY Chanty Beauty Products Instagram

In regard to what she wants to achieve and how she plans on making an impact, Chantal says that through her products her goal is to make her clients feel pretty and confident in their skin.

“I want to try and help people feel pretty and confident with their skin in a very natural way…i want people to know that there is no need to go extreme to have clear skin and my products will give you great results” she stated

Among those who have supported her business, she acknowledges that her long-time lover Eric Omondi has played such a big role in pushing her brand.

“Eric has been supportive all through. He has helped me establish my business mostly through his influence on social media.” She stated

Apart from her cosmetic business, Chantal revealed that together with her family, they import pure Italian wine from Italy; a venture that is most likely earning them ‘millions’.

Her advice to anyone interested in starting a business like hers is that they should be less money-oriented and focus on the passion towards what they want to achieve.





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