Exclusive: Chantal Opens Up About Relationship With Eric Omondi And His Contribution To Her Cosmetic Business

 CEO of Chantybeauty products Chantal Grazioli; who is famously known for having been Eric Omondi’s lover has finally opened up about her relationship with the comedian since their publicized break up.

Unlike the past days when the pair painted their social media pages with couple goals photos and videos, they have strictly maintained what seems like a professional relationship since their split. This has made fans curious about the nature of their relationship with some speculating that they are still dating.

In an exclusive interview with Opera News, Chantal addressed these claims revealing that she and Omondi are good. She, however, did not give details on the same.

In another photo by Omondi which caught the attention of many Kenyans is one he posed with both his long time girlfriend Chantal and his baby Mama Jacque Maribe. A photo that speaks volumes on the level of maturity and respect they all have towards their connection.

In regard to Omondi’s role and contribution towards her cosmetic business, Chantal explains that the comedian has been supportive in her projects and has generously used his platform and influence to promote her business.

“Eric has been supportive all through. He has helped me establish my business mostly through his influence on social media.” She stated


Some of the most recent posts of Chantal by Omondi are advertisements of her beauty products from body lotions, stretchmark oils, sunscreen, soaps among other products.

Perhaps venturing into this business has earned Chantal a new title different from how most Kenyans would refer to her as Omondi’s ex-lover. According to her, what inspired her to take this new path is the desire to challenge herself into being her own boss.

“I wanted to try something new and challenge myself into being my own boss” she stated

Despite their separation, the pair maintain an admirable bond and still hang out together once in a while.






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