Wema Sepetu Remembers Special Thing Late Father Gifted her Before His Passing

Wema Sepetu pens down heartfelt tribute to her late Dad

Tanzanian actress and beauty contestant Wema Sepetu has penned down a heartfelt message to her late father in remembrance of a special thing he did for her before his passing.

Taking to her Instagram page an hour ago, the beauty took a memory down lane to the day she won the Miss Tanzania beauty pageant and the special treat her father gave.


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In the post, she revealed that on that beautiful day back in 2006, her father decided to throw her an epic party to congratulate her.

She revealed that her father could not contain his joy at her latest win.

“Basi hapo Daddy Sepetu kafuraaaahii mwenyewe maana alikuwa anasupport sana Beauty Pageants… Mtaani kwetu sasa…. Ilikuwa Pata Shika nguo kuchanika… Utaniambia nn mtoto wa Balozi afu Miss Tanzania ,” she wrote.

The beauty has never shied away from expressing how much she misses her father since his untimely death back in 2013.

In signing off, she wrote, “Love you Mom & Dad… Keep Resting Easy Daddy Sepetu wangu.”

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