Dj Kalonje Pays Emotional Tribute to Late Dad

DJ Kalonje - Melbourne (2nd October 2015)

Legendary DJ Kalonje took to his Instagram account to remember his late dad who passed on in the year 2018. He couldn’t believe that two years had already passed since his father died since he still feels the pain.

“Can’t believe it’s been two years. It feels like just the other day. Surely time flies man. A day like this you took your last breath leaving to the other world. We still miss you Dearly.

Mum is still holding on, still very strict on us. your daughters still talk about you and how you used to spoil them back in the days.”

Your son and I also remember you and talk about you now and then. And your grandkids have really grown and very very clever. Say hi to everyone up there man. We still holding on mdogo mdogo. Thank you for everything,” he said.

His father died after ailing for a while. The year 2018 was difficult for him since he had also been robbed in his studio. Eulogizing his father, he said he will always remember the one principle he also told them that love is the answer.

Dear Dad, I just want to thank you for everything, you raised us on one principle, love is the answer. It’s with disbelief and sorry I say goodbye to you. May you rest well. I will take care of Mum for you. Till we meet again,” he said.

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