Why Tiffah and Nillan May be Diamond Platnumz’ Favourite Children

If you have been following Diamond Platnumz’ Instagram timeline you know very well that he loves making sure that his feed focuses on his career and his loved ones.

Recently, the Bongo star has left us wondering if he is planning to get back with Ugandan ex-lover, Zari Hassan after sharing adorable video clips of his children Tiffah and Nillan which has happened twice in a row.

Here are some reasons why we think Tiffah and Nillan may be Diamond Platnumz’ favourite children;

1. They are confident. 

Tiffah and Nilan may not be age mates but their confidence is on another level.

They know how to dress up and believe they are beautiful no matter what the haters say.

Confident kids know how to stand up for themselves and build their self-esteem as they grow older. Mr Chibude must be a proud father definitely!

2. They are super stylish. 

We have to admit it, these kids have set fashion standards for the rest of their step sisters and brothers.

They are normally dressed in different designer labels, their outfits are mixed in an elegant way that makes you wish to dress your child like them.

3. They know how to talk and express themselves. 

These kids are speaking fluent English without stammering which is a plus.

In the current videos that Diamond has been sharing, Tiffah and her younger brother are heard twenging and talking in fluent English which sounds so adorable!

4. They make Diamond look good. 

Tiffah and Nilan know how to talk well specifically in English, their taste in fashion is classy and know how to take care of each other as siblings.

Which parent would not be proud to have such children even if they are narcissists?

Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan are so adorable and they do not deserve any hate. Let’s wait and see if they will still remain Diamond’s favourite.

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