Wachana na Mimi! Rudra Kartel’s Chilling Message to Kenyan Producer Magix Enga

Rudra Kartel and Producer Magix Enga Photo: Courtesy

Upcoming dancehall musician Rudra Kartel is the latest artist said to be beefing with Kenyan music producer Magix Enga.

The musician who is slowly growing his fan base has distanced himself with producer Magix and his studios.

The two have set social media ablaze the last few days after Magix called out Rudra for breaching their contract weeks after introducing him to the industry.

An agitated Rudra on the other hand, issued a warning in a two-minute video replying to Magic Enga as he gave his side of the story explaining why they were beefing.

“Mimi kuna mtu ananinyima freedom, Magix Enga anajaribu kuwaonesha nimseign contract..mbona hawaonyeshi nkirarua hiyo contract na nlikataa kusign. Mimi ata sina ID na ata yeye anajua. Anajaribu kuforce nini? Alidai ati nkitoka Majix Empire sitatwahi kuwa star, ndio maana unaona siwezi toa ngoma juu anashinda akireport youtube. Anawaonesha nimesign ndio nisitoe ngoma na msee mwengine,” said Rudra.

When loosely translated, Rudra told his fans that Magix has been trying to bring him down and that is why his fans haven’t seen any of his music.

According to Rudra, each time he does a song, Magix reports it and now he is claiming that he has signed Rudra under his label yet that is not the case.

In the video, Rudra is requesting Magix to leave him alone and show his fans the photo/video of him tearing away the contract and not when he was signing it because the two are not bound by any contract.

Meanwhile, Magix Enga claimed that Rudra should respect him and not get involved in doing free collabos especially after he lifted him up from shackles of poverty.

Magix claims he offered free studio sessions, clothes and even bought a new phone for Rudra but he remained ungrateful because he had done a song with Kenyan Dj @vdj_jones.

The video was posted by vdj Jones with a caption;

“This video was posted on YouTube, I know nothing about it. This guy is just another case of artists suffering in the hands of the so-called “labels”. Magix Enga invest the time in making better beats wachana na mimi. I love music that’s why I became a DJ.” read his post.

The beef remains unclear on who is lying or telling the truth knowing well that Rudra came into the limelight after he caught the attention of renowned Jamaican musician Vybz Kartel.

Either Rudra is very good at his music or both vdj jones and Magix Enga have their own personal interest in the artist that we know nothing about.

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