Khaligraph’s Unexpected Response After Being Told He Has a Sugar Mummy

Khaligraph Jones (Instagram)

While trolling celebrities is pretty common in Kenyan circles, the stay-at-home directive and lack of things to do seem to have created an optimum environment for cyberbullying to thrive.

Rapper Khaligraph Jones is the latest victim of cyberbullying after a fan accused him of thriving from his sugar mummy’s money.

“Pesa za MA shuga mummy zimekulea gathee,” read a comment from a fan on a video of Khaligraph riding in a car with his daughter.

While most people would be offended by that comment given the stigma that comes with having a sugar mummy, Khaligraph had an unexpected comeback.

“Vizuri Sana, God is good,” the ‘Yes Bana’ rapper retorted.

While Khaligraph has maturely handled this, this is not the first time he has been accused of having a sugar mummy.

Khaligraph Jones (Instagram)

In a viral rant on social media about a year ago, his ex Cashy accused him of being an abusive cheat who cheated on her with multiple sugar mummies.

“I left Brian Ouko. I didn’t do any of those extra things that you hear gossip about. Though I can’t say the same about him. I was not the one with a million sides and sponsors. (Among other things) Is it that hard to believe that a self-respecting girl can walk away from a “celebrity?”, honestly that’s where a lot of girls go wrong …” Cashy stated in part.

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