Alitoa Aibu Nyumbani! Rev Kathy Kiuna Unveils Her Remarkable Ruracio Moment

He raised me from scratch' Kathy Kiuna praises her husband for ...
Bishop Allan and wife Kathy Kiuna

Bishop Allan and wife Reverend Kathy Kiuna are undoubtedly a power couple and great admired by christians especially those who fellowship with them at JCC Parklands.

Having celebrated their silver jubilee a few months ago, Rev Kathy has never tired to cite what has made their relationship work and the far the couple has come.

In the spirit of celebrating Mother’s day, Rev Kathy was live on Instagram answering a few questions to empower other Kenyans courtesy of MC Jessy.

It was evident that the two did have a ball, and Kathy made the moment feel special by sharing her innermost secrets/feelings and her journey both as a mother and a wife.

Among the things that stood out in their conversation, was when she unveiled her most memorable moment at the traditional (Ruracio) wedding.

Kathy shared her relationship with Bishop Allan Kiuna from when they met and their first date at Utalii Hotel.

“I saw a man with a vision and took him to my parents and they loved him. I loved his simplicity and he was just loving” Kiuna said.

Breaking their relationship even further, Kathy praised her father on how she remembers him saving her husband from public embarrassment at their wedding.

Let’s all agree that society has put so much pressure on traditional weddings that guests have so many expectations in the man asking for a girls hand in marriage.

Everything must work out perfectly and the fatter the livestock the better for the man (husband to be).

“Bishop went to Ukambani with his friends to buy some goats. They were around 4 goats and they were so malnourished because they were the cheapest, and when my father saw them he never said a word. My father took those goats, never told anybody and he hid them. ” she said.

Kathy revealed that her husband was lucky that their dad ran a nyamachoma joint; so it was easy for him to hide Bishop from the shame of bringing the malnourished ones.

“He went and hid the malnourished goats and brought others. Whenever we remember that story we laugh almost rolling on the floor. Can you imagine Jessy that’s how far we came with the bishop,” she added.

The celebrity pastors have now been married for 25 years and blessed with three children.

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