Nobody Can Stop Reggae! World Remembers Legend Bob Marley 39 Years After His Death

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The world has come together to mark the 39th-anniversary since Legendary reggae artist Bob Marley died.

The Jamaican artist who was born on February 6, 1945, in Nine Miles, Saint Ann, Jamaica died at 36 years old due to cancer.

He died in Miami, Florida, on May 11, 1981, after cancer which was discovered earlier in his toe had spread throughout his body.

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Bob Marley served as a world ambassador for reggae music and sold more than 20 million records throughout his career.

Together with the Wailers, Bob Marley released timeless reggae music that continues to be played across the globe, long after his passing. Redemption song, Don’t worry, Wait in Vain just to name a few of his greatest hits.

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His album ‘Exodus’ was chosen by Time magazine as the greatest album of the 20th century.

His musical legacy has also continued through his family and longtime bandmates; Rita continues to perform with the I-Threes, the Wailers and some of the Marley children.

Gone but never forgotten!

The world has flooded social media to remember the life of the great legend today. Below are some of the messages shared.



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