You Are Talking Rubbish! Angry Kenyans Blast Hot96 Presenter for Supporting Deadbeat Dads

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Hot96 radio presenter Annitah Raey angered Kenyans after she came out to support deadbeat fathers blaming women for engaging in sex recklessly.

This was after a story went viral about a Nisenya Kimani-baby mama to NRG employee Dennis Ndavi, who decided to expose him for failing to get committed to his child support for seven years.

Annitah was so quick to claim that women should be responsible for their acts since they knew the risk they were putting themselves into when they engaged in unprotected sex.

She used her case as an example that she is a single mother and at no point has she bothered her baby daddy for failing to support the kid. All she asks from him is to be present in his daughter’s life.

Her message hit the fan as Kenyans stormed social media to condemn her. Check out the reactions below;


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What’s the point of her audio??? For nearly 70% of her talking, she sounded like a Tuskys Sue Gacambi… Just describing sex in the most uncouth way and the rest of the time supporting a species that will never do the same for her .


Eish if you choose to suffer its on you dont be imposing it on other women. A child is made by 2 people na mwanaume pia ako just as responsible. Its women like her who push the whole society backwards. Kwani kazi ya mwanaume ni nini if not providing for their own children nkt


I disagree with the part that oh ulipanua miguu,hukutumia condom now it’s your fault…the man is EQUALLY responsible Kama ni hivyo ju pia yeye aliingia na alicum🙄 he would also ensure the chick doesn’t get pregnant Kama ni hivyo

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Women we are our own enemies


I think everyone hold their truth but being raised by a single mum Kwangu hiyo ni ujinga if he doesn’t want a kid pia yeye asimwage maji ya waru ah! Nkt!


Oh this woman is talking rubbish. So should we let men run around impregnating women and not taking responsibilty for their children? Any man who sires a child should help take care of the child whether he likes it or not


Yani women normalizing deadbeat’ism😢 this is sad. An epileptic child na hujui how this child fares smh. Plus this woman seems to have her own money.

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