Video-Fena Gitu Wows Fans With a Kikuyu Hymn Alongside Her Mom and Sister

Photos of Fena Gitu's look alike mother and sister – Kenyan Tribune

Musician Fena Gitu also known as Fenamenal woman has surprised her fans after she shared a clip of her singing a Kikuyu hymn with her mother and sister.

She said that it has been something which they have always desired to do and she was glad that they got the opportunity to do so.

“Good Morning beautiful people. We have been meaning to sing together for a long time, I am glad we finally did. This Kikuyu hymn “niì nìngwenda Ngai ùmenyage” is a family favorite, in love and thanksgiving.

“Lord, I would own thy tender care”. As we take each day at a time, we hope it blesses you and yours today, especially in times like these when we may forget to remember to put God first,” she said.

The Gitu girls as she referred to them, seem to have such great chemistry since this is not the first time they are surprising fans with their singing skills.

During the launch of her album-Fena Unleashed-she left the stage well lit after gracing it with her mother and sister. Fans couldn’t keep calm as her mom flowed in Fena’s lyrics.

She always gives credit to her mom for molding her to the lady she is today. As a way of maintaining a smile on her mother, she treated her with a surprise during the year 2019 valentine’s day at the Hub, Karen.

“I am who I am today because of my mother’s hands. Mikono Ya Mama ilinifunza, lisha, encouraged me, corrected and loved me. This year, I got to appreciate her in a bigger way thanks to OMO.

The surprise was so so special, thank you! My heart was so full seeing her that happy. I love you Mom, my number one Fenamenal Woman. I will spoil you forever,” she said.

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