Tips to Consider if You’re Going Through Divorce While on Quarantine

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We all have this picture of the kind of marriage we want for ourselves and it’s important we have a conversation about our ideal marriage with our partner before getting married.

Sometimes, however, a couple could fall out for different reasons and divorce becomes the new order of the day.

Lately, reports indicate that there has been a rise in the number of domestic violence worldwide; bringing the assumption that many partners are not in agreement forcing some to divorce.

Here are some tips to help you if you are going through a divorce during lockdown:

Avoid Overthinking/Worrying

Avoid excessive worrying about what has already occurred and most especially things you have no control over. Understand being away from your partner will not be easy but you will overcome it. Be kind to yourself and avoid worrying too much cause this might lead to having anxiety.

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Confide in someone you trust

It’s very important to speak to a close friend or family and communicate with them constantly. Don’t suffer silently, instead share your problems with them and understand how to navigate through the breakup, if possible consult someone who has been in a similar situation they might help.

Engage in something you love

Breaking up with someone who meant the world to you is not easy and you need to find something to act as a distraction, for example, watching movies, listening to music or even a new hobby. Try to remain positive and distract yourself and remain busy instead of thinking about what has happened.

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Seek Professional Help

 Dealing and healing through a divorce especially during lockdown can get severe and can impact your view relationships and also cause a lot of emotional damage. Don’t shy away from seeking professional help. Turn to the right therapist to help deal with separation anxiety. 

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