Govt to Announce New Measures to Combat COVID-19, EACC Probing Where Sonko Sourced Funds For Sh500m Property & Schools to be Reopened on Expert Advice

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In the wake of Corona pandemic that is now taking a toll on many Kenyans and worse of the ravaging floods that are wreaking havoc across the country, allow me to have a reflection on democracy versus ODM leader Raila Odinga.

It is street knowledge that Raila has bore the brunt of deficiency of democracy owing to his perennial complaints after every general election that his votes were stolen by the incumbent regimes.

Being regarded as the father of democracy, owing to his multiparty struggles, Raila should be the last person to be implicated in any move that hinders democracy.

It is shocking to learn, from People Daily, that the ODM leader on Sunday chaired a meeting of a few Senators to direct them on who to elect as Chair of a Senate committee and that the most popular senator across the political divide was forced to step down in favour of Raila’s endorsed candidate.

Worse of, his candidate lost after Senators ostensibly read malice in his endorsement and voted in protest to defend their independence.

But wait, if Raila cannot leave a single committee chair to be decided upon by the very people involved in the matter, is he a democrat as we have been made to believe?

Why can’t Raila leave the Senate to exercise his independence? If he can manipulate the choice of a committee chair, could he have failed to manipulate an electoral body to act on his favour if he was a sitting President?

As a veteran politician who fought for democracy, Raila needs to have kept off the matter or least tell his Senators to vote for the best given that the committee is crucial in ensuring accountability in the counties.

If Raila never learnt from Mohamed Ali’s case, whose votes were stolen during the ODM party nomination but won as an independent, then his hard-earned legacy in the struggle for democracy in Kenya needs to be rewritten again.

Here is our to stories on Opera News:

Govt to announce new measures to combat COVID-19 after laxity from Kenyans

Public Health officials have been conducting mass testing for COVID-19.

Following continued laxity from most Kenyans, the government has announced plans for tougher measures aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe on Tuesday said he was concerned at the upsurge of infections which hit 535, with 45 announced on a single day.

“The government will announce more measures this week because the situation is worrying,” he told a news conference Tuesday when he released the latest statistics.

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EACC Probing Where Sonko Sourced Funds to Buy Sh500m Property in Upperhill

Governor Mike Sonko Mbuvi.

Kenya’s anti-graft watchdog, Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, is reportedly investigating a controversial property deal between Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and the Kenya Railways pension scheme.

According to sale agreements, Sonko’s family is buying the property in Nairobi’s upmarket Upper Hill at Sh498.5 million.

Situated along Matumbato Road — right behind the five-star Radisson Blu Hotel — the property serves as Sonko’s private office. It is where the embattled governor has been operating from since he was barred from accessing City Hall over alleged corruption.

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Schools can only reopen on expert advice, but cool the exam fever

Education CS George Magoha during Covid-19 press briefing at Afya House on Monday 13 March 2020.

Schools should not be opened unless, and until, there is enough and credible scientific evidence that it is safe for both students and teachers.

The plan to reopen schools should not be an order or decree by Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha. It must be well informed and backed by sound evidence.

Proper and clear regulations should be put in place before and after reopening and, most importantly, the reopening plan must enjoy the support of stakeholders.

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With Eastleigh being the leading area with 63 confirmed cases of Covid-19, should the government lock down the estate and its environs to prevent a possible massive outbreak of the pandemic in the city?

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