Huwezi Pendwa na Kila Msee! Weezdom Bashes Mr. Seed in Latest Revelation

I Don't have any issue with Weezdomā€ Gospel star Mr.Seed
Artists Mr. Seed and Weezdom Photo: Courtesy

Former EMB Records artist Weezdom has launched a new attack on fellow singer Mr. Seed asking him to tone down on his attacks against him and Bahati.

Speaking in an interview, Weezdom disclosed that Mr. Seed has been a clout chaser and he does nothing but send attacks on them because his music cannot keep him occupied.

Asked on whether the two had been beefing about a lady, Weezdom refuted the claims saying;

“Kusema dame wangu ni ex wako, hapa kila mtu ako na ex. Kuna kijana fulani wa gospel akiona haongelelewi na hana video kubwa, na akiona anastruggle, punching bag yake hukuwa ni EMB, ndio maana mnaona walisema ati EMB ni hoteli.” said Weezdom.

In a bid to win the battle, Weezdom proved he did not come to play and disclosed that Mr. Seed’s wife Nimo Gachuiri is Willy Paul’s ex. Shocking right?

“Kama Nimo ni ex wa Willy Paul, ndio nauliza ushawahi skia willy paul aki-cause vita? Juu yeye ni King sio clout chaser.” added Weezdom.

The beef between the two artists goes way back when Weezdom claimed that Mr Seed had been involved in sex affair with one of his fans.

A topic that created a huge scandal after he tried distancing himself from the scandal by leaking phone conversations between Mr Seed and the lady.

It is still a mystery why Weezdom came attacking Mr Seed even though their beef was slowly dying out, making fans assuming that the two artists are equally cut from the same cloth.

Maybe he was just being petty or tried to justify that the gospel industry is a big bedroom where people feel free to mingle with each others exes don’t you think?

Watch his full interview below:

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