Usilale Njaa! Job Ideas Kenyans Can Embrace To Survive COVID-19 Crisis

With the coronavirus situation serving as a threat to many businesses, many Kenyans have been pushed to be extra innovative and think about ways to make money in order to survive through the crisis.

Already several sectors have been affected and some Kenyans either lost their jobs or forced to take a pay cut as a result of the situation.

Although some sectors like transportation and tourism have been hardly hit by the coronavirus pandemic, there are other job markets that have remained immune to the adverse impact of the crisis.

However, this is not proof that those who are employed are in a safe place than those who are not. During these uncertain times, you can, however, psych yourself up and ‘die trying’.

This might not be the right time to open a new business but here are some of the jobs that have high chances of boosting your monthly income.

Delivery services

Box, Business, Card, Cardboard, Courier, Credit

With some Kenyans strictly following the ‘stay at home’ request, this group prefers online shopping and you can be their main delivery guy.

Online writer

There are many opportunities in writing and I will emphasize on blogging and writing for the mainstream media. Digital writers seem to be running the business as usual since they credit for updating the nation on current news.

Selling masks and sanitizers

A hawker (in black T-shirt) sells face masks on

These two products have become a ‘basic’ commodity. The advantage of this business is that you have readily available clients and higher chances of making daily sales of your product.

Online tutor

Students are home and many parents have complained of being unable to tutor them. Tutoring at a fee can be one of the jobs that can boost you financially.

Counseling services

During a crisis, mental health is one of the concerns that people should have. If you have qualifications for this, you can offer the services at an affordable fee

Online Gym Instructors

Witness The Fitness: Nairobi's Celebrity Trainers - KenyanVibe

Keeping fit is one of the things that Kenyans have introduces into their daily routines. Since outdoor exercising might have been limited those who do not own personal gyms might need an online instructor.

In case you are not skilled in any of the above jobs, you can take up the challenge to learn a new skill by enrolling in an online course.

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