Jalango Shows Up On List Of Men Who Allegedly Dated Diana Marua

Although Diana Marua has severally confessed to having had a party lifestyle before her salvation journey the social media streets seem so unforgiving and her past keeps biting her back.

The mother of two left a trail from her previous relationships that have left many of her fans questioning her for the love of publicity. In a recent trend on twitter, photos of Diana with the men she allegedly dated before Bahati resurfaced with fans mocking the singer saying that he settled for ‘leftovers’.

Among the men who are believed to have dated Diana is media personality Jalango. Although the pair have never opened up on their nature of the relationship, Diana once hinted that she ended one of her relationship after she caught her ex cheating.

In a vlog that was shared by the couple, Diana narrated an incident where she caught her ex cheating on her, pants down, in a car. She also gave a clue about his identity stating that his name starts with J… leading to speculations that this could be Jalango.

In reaction to Diana’s revelation, Bahati questioned whether J Blessing was the man in question arguing that he has the character of a player. He also threatened to get a gun so that he can deal with Diana’s ex.

“Sio baba yangu J Blessing because he’s a good player? I’m just kidding wewe J nakujua wewe. Wacha ninunue gun, I’ll deal with you.” Bahati said in the video

With this said, it is very clear that Jalango is not new to controversy and was once exposed on Edgar Obare’s platform over claims of having cheating tendencies.

Although Diana settled with Bahati and Jalango held a traditional wedding with a new lover it is unclear whether they still communicate. Apart from Jalango, other men who allegedly dated Diana include Victor Wanyama, Kiptoo Kirwa, Silas Imbaga and Nick Mudimba.

Looking at this trend of her choice of men, it seems pretty clear that she had a pattern with these celebrities  and she is probably living a dream after her engagement with gospel singer Bahati.


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