You Could Have Invested That Money for His College-Kenyans React to Bridget Achieng Son’s Shoes Collection

A challenge went viral where men have been sharing photos of them seated on the floor surrounded by their shoes collection and clothes.

Taking to the same challenge, socialite Bridget Achieng shared her son’s photo with his shoe collection, and netizens couldn’t keep calm after seeing how many pairs he owned.

“Shoes is just an accessory my miracle baby deserves it all I work hard for him,” she captioned.

Some appreciated while some felt it is a waste of money buying a kid so many shoes.

Maybe she does not feel the loss of investing in the shoes since she had previously confessed her desire to mother many kids.

“Motherhood is the only hood want to be in ,thanks to Sekani Rich for choosing me to be your mum..if GOD allows I will get you a sister and another brother …you fill my life with happiness and hope for tomorrow, I love you son,” she said.

Check out the reaction below;


❤️❤️❤️ Mine has Just 3 pairs the rest of money in her account. They grow so fast sheight only use 1 pair. Sekani the king 🙌🙌🙌


Ubaya they grow up so fast…


Eish bana!!!🔥🔥🔥 people are so better! Can you just see its a challenge???? 👏?may he drip forever and ever ?👏👏


Toto will be a tall man his feet say so😍


U could hav invested that money for his college. Kids outgrow shoes quickly


Share some


This young man already knows drip is life🔥🔥😂


Baby Sekani has more pairs of shoes than me🙌


I’m so jealous………so so cute


When a baby has more shoes than you 😭😅


All this shoes at his age? Baby sekani is so lucky

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