Juacali & Wife Light Up The Internet With Steamy Bedroom Photo

Legendary Genge artist Juacali and his wife Lily Asigo seem to be enjoying their quarantine.

The Genge love couple took to their Instagram pages to share some steamy photos of a recent photoshoot.  They looked like two love birds who are living in a nest filled with endless love.

Lily Asigo captioned on the photo, “Together is a wonderful place to be.” Fans could not help but shower them with praises and refer them as couple goals.

Here are the photos;



The power couple have been married for over 10 years now and are enjoying the fruits of a happy marriage.

Last year in a media Interview,  Jua Cali’s wife revealed how she almost moved out of their home due to the obstacles they faced in their union.

I packed my bags three weeks after we moved in (in 2013) because I had to adjust to a lot of things plus our baby was only 4 months old,” says Lily.

One of the major challenges she faced was adjusting to living with the rapper and his career.

According to the mother of three, the only thing that makes marriage work is what a couple does behind the scenes because it can break or make the relationship.

It’s evident from those pictures they have grown into an amazing couple and are inspiring young people to believe in commitment.


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