5 Ways of Dealing With Nosy Neighbours During Lockdown

5 ways of dealing with nosy neighbours during lockdown (Courtesy)

Two days ago, the nationwide night-time curfew was extended by 21 days and the lockdown in the capital and some other parts of the country was also extended.

These moves aim at curbing the spread of Coronavirus by making people stay at home thus flattening the curve. 

The curfew and lockdown have forced people to spend more time at their homes and with their neighbours. However, for those with nosy neighbours news of having to spend more time with them is pretty bleak.

While some neighbours are keeping tabs on who comes in and out of your house others go as far as peeping at you through the window like a creep.

5 ways of dealing with nosy neighbours during lockdown (Courtesy)

Thankfully there are ways to deal with them and we have a few solutions:

1.Confront them

Constant interrogations about who comes to your place and window-peeping is totally unacceptable. So just politely call them out on their bad behaviour.

2.Ignore them

Sometimes you just have to rip the band-aid off when it comes to bad behaviour. Completely ignore them to send a message that you are unhappy with their behaviour.

If it feels too harsh always look like you don’t have time to chat just say a simple ‘hi’ and keep it moving. If they want to pry into your personal life walk away or change the topic.

3.Block their view

Close your curtains and doors, avoid hanging around your window and you can arrange big potted plants to block their view. Eventually, they will get bored and stop watching you.

4. Two can play that game

5 ways of dealing with nosy neighbours during lockdown (Courtesy)

 It might seem a little childish, but sometimes you have got to fight fire with fire. If they are peeping at you through the window, glare at them through that window. If it’s a hole in the fence that they are peeping through, peep at them too. Two can play that game.

5. Move

Sometimes it’s easier than dealing with them.

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