Unajifanya Hukuona Mulamwah Ni Ganja Farmer! Kenyans Blast Ezekiel Mutua

Ezekiel Mutua pledges to support comedian Mulamwah return to ...

Comedian Mulamwah has been a topic of discussion for quite a period after he took to his social media handles and shared a clip of him burning his comedy shirt as a way of showing that he had given up.

After a lot of encouragement from his fellow celebrities, he returned and swore to keep on pushing on with his talent.

However, immediately after resuming to his online content, a video of him in a bhang farm went viral and Kenyans were sure enough that he would not rescue himself from that.

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Surprisingly, even after calling out on DCI and moral cop-Ezekiel Mutua- it seems the video was nothing to bring down Mulamwah.

On his usual tweets, Ezekiel Mutua innocently talked of how people are not supposed to underestimate a man with a prayer and a plan.

Kenyans on twitter did not hesitate to react on his post as they took that opportunity to ask him why he ignored the fact that Mulamwh is a ganja farmer.

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