As Long as Money is Involved! Victoria Kimani’s Relationship With Ghanaian Comedian Lights Up Social Media

Kenyan mucisian, Victoria Kimani left her fans’ moths wide open after she shared an erotic photo of her with Ghanaian comedian-Michael Blackson- and confessed that she had fallen in love with him.

“My rich neega, finally, I’ve fallen for you Michael Blackson,” she said.

This was followed by anther post where she referred to Michael as bar. “Bae is in the next room and still wants to go live that’s sweet … but I’m scared,” she said.

Although this was not the first time the two have been seen together getting cosy, the fact that she confessed being in love with him caused a lot of mixed reaction from netizens wh wbdred whether she had made the decision because the man has money.


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My rich neega, finally, I’ve fallen for you … @michaelblackson 🔐❤️

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heck the reactions below;

Joyce Wanjiru She hasn’t disappointed our ancestors 🥰🥰… If you see a Kikuyu woman in love just know huyo mwanaume ako na pesa kabisaaaaaa …or chuma ya doshi over win everything 🥱🥱🥱

Thee Don Graphics
 It will end in Premium Tears i repeat “Premium tears” and we gonna laugh about it

Actress Olivia Lilian Just hope they won’t marry hehe sometimes favour your kids haa

Reuben Wanga Watch out while at the zoo, not all tortoise have good motives

Faith Kandie
 Aki huku fb si watu wana wivu na makasiriko eish,,,, anyway,,it will end in 20 litres of tears and motivation quotes.

Sylvia Aloise Anaenda kuwachwa, Na vile wakona sura ngumu kama breed Ya Jaluo typical na luhya, mixed with Kalenjin


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Bae is in the next room and still wants to go live ❤️ that’s sweet … but I’m scared 🤦🏽‍♀️

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Rashiata Gathoni Ata mshone vitenge zinafanana mtaachana tu

BT Béatrice Kwani nita vaa ama nikule sura!!damn straight lazima wallet iwe mzito

Jose Iraitoh What else you expect from someone called “kimani”! Mr Michael Blackson hii safari itaishia Septic tank

Oscar KE Alafu niskie amekufa Kenya ladies mnapenda Sana kujiharibia sifa

Mugambi Alex All vanity….end up in tears n frustrated n single motherhood..

Dennis Do Santos The village does not approve 😂😂😂😂

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