Vera Sidika Explains Why Sin City Show was an Epic Fail

Vera Sidika Instagram Followers

Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika has lately been looking for ways to keep us entertained and hooked to her next steps.

The entrepreneur had revealed that she would be starting her Instagram live show, Sin city whereby it’s all about ladies shaking what their mamas gave them. It was scheduled for Tuesdays and Friday during the 11th hour of 11pm-1 am.

Her fans were looking forward to the show only to feel disappointed about how it turned out. The live show basically had Vera singing along to some background music and showing off her toned booty. There was not much twerking as team mafisi were expecting. They felt they were failed.

The Vera Beauty Parlour CEO took to her Instagram story to explain why the show backfired.

My Instagram live crushed, my big booty girls could not get on it! So disappointed my show did not start tonight. F**** up! But I will be back. Stay tuned for a surprise.” she posted.

Since we can’t be able to attend concerts, clubs, karaoke and the likes Kenyan celebrities are looking for creative ways to entertain us online. Social media influencer, Xtian Dela started a show called Covidclub which features girls twerking their assets and the audience gets to decide who is the winner.


In the first videos, Xtian gained over 90,000 views while Vera got 42, 963 views which made her fans angrier. They told her she needs to book lessons from the Kiss 100 breakfast show producer.



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