Jokes Zako Sio Funny! Kenyans Blast Comedian YY

Comedian YY opens up, reveals troubling relationship with late ...

Online bullying has been a debate topic for a while now after comedian Mulamwah gave up his comedy life. His fellow celebrities have been calling on him to keep pushing on.

Churchill’s comedian YY took to his social media accounts to brag of he can’t give up easily because of online bullying. Despite Ezekiel Mutua having advised celebrities not to brag for having many followers, he went ahead to use that as a reason.

“I have 440k Followers on facebook,350k on instagram and 24,200 on twitter….Total 814,200…that’s the numbers in terms of love… Therefore,the only way I will quit Comedy is when tweets of hate Beat that number…814,201 tweets..I challenge you.bila hiyo you’re Toothless!” he said.

I am not dead, comedian YY tells his 'mourning' fans – Nairobi News

This led him into trouble with Kenyans on twitter who did not hesitate to troll him for bragging while he has not yet made it in life.

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