My Neighbour Is Stalking Me! Confused Kenyan Woman Cries Out

Getting stalked is everyone’s nightmare especially women. This is because you don’t know why it is happening and what extents people would go when they are walking you.

It is mostly done anonymously but one Kenyan woman has come out to relay her confusion at her neighbour who is intrusive over her privacy.

Read her full confession here.

What do I do to this neighbour who is not able to leave me in my privacy?

It’s as if he is monitoring my every movement I make. Mind you, he has a family.  When friends come over ashatext ‘I have seen you with beautiful ladies, where have you gone?’

If the lights are not on he quickly asks ‘So where are you today, I haven’t seen lights on you’.Surely, what kind of behaviour is this? Is this normal or could he have been paid to watch me? Could he have a secret crush on me considering he has a family? I’m so confused.

I feel he is investigating my privacy and it makes me very afraid.

What do you think she should do?

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