Reverend Evans Kariuki Holds Easter Service Amid Corona Virus Scare, Calls for Opening of Churches

Reverend Evans Kairuki did not let the government’s directive to stay home or Corona Virus scare make him skip his yearly Easter celebration.

The reverend, who is based in the US, held the service at City Wide Parking where hundreds of worshippers showed up to give thanks to the Lord and ask Him for faith in these trying times.

Churches and other social gatherings have been banned until further notice to enable social distancing as the world continues to fight COVID 19.

Kariuki said that the world now, more than ever, needs to come together to overcome the pandemic.

“Alone a flame. Together a Fire. It’s time to preach the gospel to the ends of the earth,” he said. 

Adding: The praise doesn’t stop. It is a time to Seek God like never before.

Kariuki became one of the few pastors in the US who went on with their services despite the pandemic. He also took the opportunity to ask the government of Kenya to let pastors resume normal operations.

‘Let me ask you this, supermarkets and matatus are still operating amid the pandemic. How comes it is not the same with churches? When police find even two people in one church, they arrest them. Honestly, church in Kenya, when are we going to wake up and realise a nation is only as strong as its churches. We cannot sit back and watch,” he said in the service. 

His statement comes as the number of confirmed coronavirus infections in Kenya on Monday rose to 208, exactly a month since the first case was reported, with 11 more people testing positive. Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe said all the new cases were Kenyans aged between one- and 42-years-old.


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