‘Atawezana?’ Kamene Goro Puzzled After Naughty Fan Thirsts Over Her

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Renown radio siren Kamene Goro has come out to express her confusion after naughty fan thirsts over her.

It’s not easy being a beautiful lady on the limelight as the street catcalls have now been moved to the DMs.

Taking to her Instagram page, Kamene released a screenshot of the DM’s she gets from the fan which date all the way back to October last year.

The thirsty man has done it all from proffessing his love for her and saying how much he wishes he could “smash her ass”.

Miss Kamene posted the screenshot and asked her fans what she should do.

“So now, how do we help this one?” Kamene asked.

Many fas joked that she should give in to see if the fan can handle it.

“Mpee uone kama atawezana,” triggeredsoul_ said.
chizy_fresh added, “Si you give him a chancešŸ˜šŸ˜…….unaona alianza poa akashindwa kujicontain.”

Check out the post below:

What would you do?

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