Mashallah! Check out Kenyan Girls Killing It in the Hottest New Trend During Coronavirus

Kenyan girls have flown the flag high in the hottest new trend lighting up social media around the world.

The Don’t Rush challenge (also called the #dontrushmechallenge by some) is the hottest new beauty craze in the world during this coronavirus pandemic.

It has seemingly swept across the world over this past weekend. Beauty bloggers, influencers, moms, bankers, managers and all kinds of everyday women are finding joy in this nod to getting glammed up, and taking their time doing it apparently.

In the videos seen of women from all over the world, the song Don’t Rush by Young T & Bugsey is playing in the background as women transform themselves from zero to 100!

We all know Kenyan girls are trendsetters and couldn’t be left behind on this hot new craze. It has seen the likes of famous local fashion bloggers participate, causing quite a stir on social media.

dullas2000 said, “When I see this , I forget everything about _covid-19.”
johnny_carlz added, “Boychild under siege.”

Check out the hot videos Kenyan girls have posted online, flaunting what their mother gave them.

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