Kenyans Pour Out What They Will Miss Most of the Late Archbishop Ndingi

The late Archbishop Ndingi Mwana a’Nzeki Photo: Courtesy

News of the death of retired Archbishop Ndingi Mwana’a Nzeki has taken many by surprise, with a majority of Kenyans pouring out their heartfelt messages.

Many were grateful for using the church as a tool for unity and for his impact on society. Like the establishment of many schools, both personally and with the help of friends that paid for the education of many young men and women.

The Catholic fraternity, in particular, was hit hard and they are grateful for having Ndingi mwana a’Nzeki around.

A statement from the Archdiocese of Nairobi circulated requesting Christians to pray for the repose of Ndingi’s soul.

After receiving the sad news this morning, social media was flocked with messages of both condolence and how many will remember the fallen faithful servant.

The Anglican Church bishop Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit, among other prominent leaders shared his message with a caption, “It is with great sadness that I have learnt of the passing on of Archbishop Emeritus Ndingi Mwana’a Nzeki. I register my deepest condolences and those of the Anglican Church of Kenya.”

Adding of how he knew the late Archbishop Ndingi, Ole Sapit added, “He was a great man of faith and a crusader for a just and fair society. He will be remembered for his clamour for social- economic and political justice in Kenya. The LORD comfort his family, the Roman Catholic Church and the wider Christian community.”

One @Wa Gathoni wrote she will be grateful for having Ndingi around “Remembering him for His great faith in Our Catholic Church.” she wrote.

Mary Wambui from Nyeri said,” He was my bishop…a man of God who was never afraid to challenge the leadership. He was so much against tribal clashes. RIP.”

Another user by the name Paul Mutiso vividly recalls a moment that stood out for him, “I remember him in a campaign against use of condoms.Hiyo time watu walienda kafry….!” wrote Paul.

Moses Mutegi added he will choose to remember Ndingi for criticising the tyrannical Moi’s regime with no fear. “He risked his life for the misplaced masses in Rift Valley.He was a peace ambassador,” he added.

Another user Makueni Mbithi had an exceptional connection with the archbishop, she wrote, “I Remember him way back year 1999,that it had happened one morning my car had a flat tire, and my driver was way, so I opted to walk for few minutes to Lovingntone stage, along -(A.B.C place)WAIYAKI WAY, soon I arrived at the stage the heavy rains started, and there was no shed there, so I had decided to stop any car, to cut long story shot, guess who stopped the car!!!?,……Was arch Bishop Ndingi, had commended his driver to I quote him he said “fill my car whoever can squeeze get in,” I sat at the front sit with him at the left back seat in his white MERCEDES_ S CLASS, the car was full and we drove off, some minutes while, I pleaded to Arc bishop Ndingi that his driver to stop at the petrol station next to Njugunas -along waiyaki way, that he may seat front seat, but he had refused, and he told me (to serve all people equally)phew Rest in peace Archbishop Ndingi Nzeki.”


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