Video: Drunk Betty Kyalo Shocks Many With Bitter Rant, Confesses She Hates Her Job

The Anatomy Of Betty Kyallo, Kenya's Most Expensive Socialite

Celebrated Media Personality Betty Kyalo has shocked many after a video of her bitter rant confession went viral.

Speaking during a live Instagram video, the mother of one confessed that she hates her job and that she is tired of people who have been judging the way she lives her life.

She went on to say that many times people and bloggers will bring you down adding that she doesn’t care because she’s doing her best.
“whatever blogs are gonna say about betty, f**k off. the pressure in this f**king career is horrible!,” she said.
“Many times people wanna bring you down. whoever is watching right now, I came from work, did my show…f**k everybody out there who thinks that betty is not good enough.”
“I don’t care because i do my best and work so hard, i am a mum, not yet a wife but hopefully soon. i’m also a businesswoman so for anybody who’s gonna hate on this video and say Betty Kyallo spotted drunk f**k you!”

Upclose with Betty’s producer  Serah Mwangi joined the media queen’s live video and the K24 TV presenter told off bloggers and trolls who’ve been peddling lies about her.

“They’re saying you can’t have fun because of wee ni role model. f**k that shit! i take care of my child and I’m her role model,” she said.

Betty Kyallo believes in women empowerment and in a recent post to all the strong mothers out there, she wrote,

“To all the women who fight for other women’s respect and honour. to all women who have been abused, bullied, left on their own with families to raise i salute you and love you,”she added.

Watch the video below


'F**k off!' I'll still go to the club and take care of my kid, Betty Kyallo shouts

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