Mishi Dora Shares Video of Police Officers Raiding Their Apartment During Curfew

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Nairobi Diaries actress Mishi Dorah has come out to lament over the high prevalence of police brutality during the curfew.

Taking to her Instagram account, Mishi shared a video of a group of police officers who raided their apartment beating up innocent civilians and almost getting one guy drowned in the pool.

“Not clear video… But this happens right at my apartment… The police raided us here and found some of my neighbors within the apartment and started flogging the poor guy and the ladies by our poolside… even tried drowning the guy in the pool,” she said.

She went on to question why the police officers attacked civilians at their private homes in the name of curfew.

“My question is.. what is a curfew?? Do the police understand the meaning of curfew??? Why attack civilians at their private homes??? And then put them together like sheep?? Have they protected them from Corona or killing them??? We need answers,” she asked.

This is not the first time the police officers have been on the limelight over brutality after the government implemented a curfew.

Day one of Curfew, the country witnessed the police brutality making the national leaders to call for an end to police brutality in enforcing night curfew.
In a statement, the state-sponsored body said police must respect the rule of law, saying the Bill of Rights has not been suspended because of the pandemic that has claimed one life in the country and infected 30 people.
Here is the video.

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