Never Trust Men With Kids! Dj Moh Blasted for His Poor Parenting Skills

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DJ Moh’s fun clip with his daughter, Ladashs Belle Wambui made him roasted by Kenyans after noticing how poor he was in parenting.

Through his social media accounts, he shared a clip of him riding a bicycle with his daughter but what annoyed Kenyans was the fact that he never gave her the chance to win.

Most of his followers were quick to remind him that every time you are playing with children you should let them be the winners because it is so obvious that as the parent you know much than them.


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😂😂😂😂 she has to know am the dad 😂😂. This @size8reborn can’t even ride a bike anaongea tu

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Odunga Rose Whenever you are playing with the baby, let them win

Santa Lucia Carlos Monte As always, don’t trust men to babysit, they’ll always overdo everything to show off.

Anne M Magdaline You should let the baby win whenever you play with them lol

Priscilla Otari Let the kid know that in life it’s bot winning always, you can also loosening it doesn’t mean you can’t do it

Beaty Koech This is not how to show her,let her win

Moureen Khasiala Yani you are leaving her behind with this corona,wewe ni mmbaya🤣🤣

Wee Lee Huyo ni mtoto unaacha ivo na akiibiwa?😱😱

Peris Kinyua Don’t trust men with kids atamuachanisha hivio umuene ntv anamix ngoma

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Irene Wangari Aki wewe Dj Moh! Yawa!! Wacha mtoto ashinde…🙄

Topa TheTop 😂😂😂hauna huruma

Shii Lilly
 Akiyao 🤣🤣🤣 African fathers really now 🤣

Maureen K Kinyua Aiii Mo unaacha mtoto uko nyuma

Becky Ojuki Mtoto mkubwa ameshida mtoto mdogo woooiye..

Princess Natasha Hiyo ni a good description ya toto kubwa mwenye ana lastborn behavior😁😁 this quarantine mkwano u will see wonders & mervelouses

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