Babu Owino’s Kind Gesture Over Corona Virus Pandemic Leaves Him in Trouble

Image result for dj evolve and babu owino

Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino, found himself in hot soup after he talked out on how he has decided to help the nation in dealing with COVID-19.

He promised to donate part of his salary. “I will donate 50% of my Salary to help fight Corona Virus,” he said.

This, however, was not received warmly by Kenyans who felt he was wasting his resources in showing off while Dj Evolve, who has been in hospital has huge pending bills.

Image result for dj evolve and babu owino

Image result for dj evolve and babu owino

Dj Evolve is still fighting for his life in hospital after he was shot by Babu in a club after an argument.

After the attempted murder saga, Babu was arrested but was later released, something which made Kenyans more furious.

Many expected Babu to remain in jail since he could have killed an innocent Dj while others felt it would be mandatory for him to meet the DJ’s hospital bill, something he is yet to do.

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