Working From Home Tips To Guarantee Productivity During Self Isolation

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Working from home can be a tasking venture for people who are not used to it. With the coronavirus pandemic, many employees have been made to work from home to ensure their safety from the contagious and killer virus. Here are some tips to ensure you stay productive during this time.

Maintain regular hours

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If you woke up at 6 am when going to the office, and sleep at 9 pm, maintain those hours. Changing them will shift your mindset.

Create a morning routine

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A morning routine is especially important when working from home. Set an alarm for the morning, get a quick work out in and shower. Some people even get ready as if they are going to work to make it worthwhile.

Take breaks

Breaks are just as important at home as they are at the office. To much work makes Jack a dull boy. Schedule for a lunch break that coincides with office guidelines to walk away from your phone or laptop.

Have a dedicated office space

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While it can be tempting to work straight from your bed or couch, the most productive place to work would be a dedicated office space in your home. Just get a table and chair and create the environment of an office. This makes your brain know when its time for business.

Set rules for family

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If you have family and children around, it is important to set ground rules for the hours that you will be working. Like no noise or interruptions unless absolutely necessary. Assign chores to them so that they also keep busy.

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