Medics Reject Patient with Coronavirus-like Symptoms; 2 Suspected Covid-19 Cases Interacted With Kisumu People & CS Kagwe Cautions Kenyans Against Courting Disaster

Good morning fellow Kenyans,

With the number of Covid-19 cases soaring each passing day, we cannot help but hope that at one point in this battle, Health CS Mutahi Kagwe will come out to declare victory in the fight to contain the spread of the pandemic.

But even as we strive to conquer this seemingly insurmountable odd that the pandemic presents, it is saddening to discover that there is more than what meets the eye as far as government preparedness is concerned.

On Tuesday, hundreds of Kenyans who jetted into the country went berserk in protest against the government for denying them basic commodities such as water since they were required to undergo mandatory isolation.

At the time in which they are required to maintain a high level of hygiene, they admitted that they were even stinking after failing to shower since they jetted back to the country.

In the wake of ongoing calls to practice social distancing, this group of Kenyans stood beside each other as they aired out their frustrations to the media.

Suppose one of them is a victim of this pandemic will the rest survive?

If their frustrations push them to escape the isolation centres and join their respective families, will the government manage to trace the movement of each one of them suppose one is found positive later on?

Mr Kagwe you have to pull up your socks and treat this group of people with caution. Handle them seriously or else, you will water down your stern approach to this pandemic.

That aside, here are our top stories today:

Bungoma: Medics reject patient with coronavirus-like symptoms

Governor Wycliffe Wangamati when he visited Webuye Sub County Referral to inspect the facility’s preparedness to handle coronavirus. Photo: Governor’s Press Service – Bungoma County Source: UGC.

There was a scuffle at one of the isolation centres in Bungoma county after a patient who exhibited coronavirus-like symptoms was rejected, forcing him to be transferred to Mbagathi hospital in Nairobi.

Stephen Omukoka who jetted into the country a few days ago from Switzerland via Dubai had a high fever, coughing and breathing complications.

The 19-year-old was then rushed to Life Care Hospital in Kanduyi constituency, Bungoma, where the medics said the patient had COVID-19 symptoms as his body temperature was 39 degrees.

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Two suspected Covid-19 cases interacted with people in Kisumu – Nyongo

Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyong’o.

Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyong’o has announced that two Covid-19 suspected patients had interaction with people in Kisumu over the past few days.

The Kisumu County Government has since suspended provision of non-essential services with immediate effect.

“This situation has heightened the number of people being quarantined in our isolation facilities as the possible contacts are traced. Our health system is increasingly feeling overstretched by this increased demand,” Nyong’o said.

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Kenyans stop courting disaster – Health CS Kagwe pleads

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe addressing the media outside Afya Centre on March 18, 2020.

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe has pleaded with Kenyans to stay at home and observe all the safety precaution measures against COVID-19 so as to prevent a looming disaster.

The CS warned that more cases of the pandemic will likely be recorded in the country in the coming days if his fellow citizens ignore the Ministry of Health’s advice to maintain a high level of discipline.

The newly appointed eloquent CS, who has breathed life into the Health ministry, urged Kenyans to learn from other nations such as Italy whose nationals ignored advice to stop social gatherings and were now suffering from a high infection rate.

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With the Government yet to declare a total lockdown in order to contain Covid-19, despite numerous calls from various leaders in the country, is it a matter of time before Kenya becomes like Italy the now epicentre of this pandemic?

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