Kumbe Unaweza Twerk! Christian Youtuber Shocks Kenyans With Twerk Video

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Christian Youtuber Milly Wajesus has shocked Kenyans with a twerk video.

In the video, Milly Wajesus who is known for her Christian youtube channel is seen rocking what her mother gave her, or is it doctor?

The video shows the mother of one participating in the online challenge that has had netizens going wild.

It started after men started playing with tissue paper challenge, then women followed suit. Only where men used their feet, women used their booties.

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Milly Wajesus decided to participate in the challenge and show people what she’s got. In the video, the beauty is seen placing the tissue paper roll on her butt while she’s bending.

She then does the unthinkable, and flips the tissue with just her butt.

The video has excited fans all over Kenya. Her unpredictable actions have caused quite a stir on social media.

donnakiptoo said, “kumbe you can shake it.”
lamsey500 added, “Day 10 in quarantine mama taji be like.”

Check out the sexy video below:

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