Distressed Man Cries Out About Cheating Wife – Confession

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A stressed man has come out to seek advice for what he believes to be cheating from his spouse.

From ignoring calls, putting the phone on aeroplane mode to fishy texts, all the signs are there. The confession goes deeper into her weird behaviours.

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I am having a problem with my wife.

I may be wrong for reading my wife’s text messages on her phone, but I was forced to do so. When I read the messages, one of them said, “I believe it’s here. So it has reached. From morning I have been calling your phone up to night and you are not answering. You can tell me to stop calling your phone or you can block me.”

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My wife replied and said to the person, “How can I block you and you are my heart and soul for the rest of my life? And when you were calling, I was at my children’s house in St Mary.” That was a lie. She was at home. A few weeks ago, my wife and I were travelling together. Her phone rang. I had it because she gave it to me to carry.

When I looked at the phone, it was the same man calling her. So I handed the phone to her, and she put the phone on aeroplane mode so that he couldn’t call back.

She asked me what I wanted to say to her. I asked her who she was making plans to meet, and she said it was a girlfriend who was calling her about a job.

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I love my wife. When I left for work on a Monday morning, I didn’t go home until Friday night. Pastor, I need your help.

I bought a wedding ring for 50,000, and my wife only wears the ring when she is going to church. After a while, I did not see her wearing the ring, and it is nowhere in the house.

I asked her why she was not wearing the ring, and she said “The ring washed off her finger while she was washing in the washing tub.”

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