Hio Magoti Yako Ungekuwa Mbuzi Ingetoa Supu Kibuyu Mbili za 5 Litre – Chris Kirwa to Churchill Comedian

Comedians MCA Tricky and Mammito doing Flip Challenge

Popular media personality Chris Kirwa has called out comedian MCA Tricky after his viral ‘Flip the Switch’ challenge.

Kirwa got the entire social media laughing in stitches after ruthlessly shaming MCA Tricky’s knees while he swapped with Mammito as the duo danced to Drake’s challenge.

In the comedian’s flip challenge, when the duo swapped positions, Kirwa could not help but notice Tricky’s funny-looking knees. He was quick to point it out in the comment section with a caption, “Hio magoti yako ungekuwa Mbuzi ingetoa supu kibuyu mbili za 5 litre 🏃🏿🏃🏿🏃🏿🏃🏿🏃🏿😂” read his post.

The flip challenge saw MCA Tricky and Mammito creating a set with Drake’s 2018 hit song ‘Nonstop’ playing on the background. Though other people are doing it standing in front of a bathroom mirror filming themselves, theirs was different.

The comedians were seen sitting on a coach, Mca Tricky holding a phone and listening to music as Mammito was doing her make-up.

The ‘Flip the Switch’ challenge has seen people around the globe participating playing Drake’s 2018 hit record ‘Nonstop’. One participant stands closer to the mirror filming while the other person stands further from the front, usually dancing.

At the moment in the track where Drake sings, “I just flipped the switch,” the pair swaps places.

The duo joined thousands of social media users and internationally-acclaimed celebrities on jumping to the challenge which is now being done by individuals as they quarantine with their loved ones.

Watch comedians MCA Tricky and Mammito passing time as they try out the ‘Flip the switch’ challenge below:

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