Pastor Wainaina Begs Uhuru to Reconcile With Ruto: The Big Four Agenda Has Been Swallowed by BBI Noise

Rev Canon Sammy Wainaina of the Anglican Church of Kenya has come out to beg president Uhuru Kenyatta to reconcile with Deputy President William Ruto.

Taking to his Facebook page, the man of the cloth expressed his concerns and fears of Kenya’s future thanks to its current leaders.

“It is with much reflection on the state of this country that I have found the strength to write to you. Like children in a troubled marriage, Kenyans are worried and apprehensive about your government and your relationship with your deputy,” he wrote.

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“Your vision and promises made Kenyans believe in you and your presidency. The chemistry between you and your deputy redefined our leadership – kneeling for prayers during your inauguration, addressing the nation together, dressed in similar fashion was unprecedented.” he further stated.

He noted that the BBI that was meant to built bridges has transformed into a political tool rather than what it was meant for.

“The [Big Four] agenda has been swallowed by the BBI noise. It’s paramount therefore to move with speed and reclaim the nation back to the vision,” he wrote.

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The letter has received mixed reactions from Kenyans with some in support of Sammy’s words and others against it.

Philip Richard Owade objected saying, “You are my Provost but I must respectfully say that I do not share your views which I find to be biased and unbalanced. To you the blame is all on Uhuru and yet Ruto is equally to blame. His unbridled and burning ambition is the cause of the confusion. He openly defies his boss. How can you belittle the handshake? Can you imagine where this country would be without the handshake? As a Provost of a cosmopolitan church your public views, even if personal, must be balanced. You must always endeavour to carry your flock. This letter is potentially divisive.”

Wambui Mwaura supported the preacher’s views saying, “Thank you provost for speaking for all of us. We feel like prodigal children under this government. The BBI is just a bad cover up to create positions and bring some people into power. It is dividing Kenyans into ethnic units and the great progress that had been made to unite Kenyans is being eroded.”

Read his full letter to the president below;

AN OPEN LETTER TO THE PRESIDENTDear Mr. President,Grace and mercy be upon you and your government. Happy Lenten…

Posted by Very Rev Canon Sammy Wainaina on Friday, 13 March 2020

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