‘You Can Mess With Everything Else Except This!’ Anerlisa Muigai Warns

Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai has come out to issue a stern warning to people who are trying to bring down her business.

The Executive water CEO took to her Instagram page to tell her 868,000 followers that she is disgusted by so many things that have been happening.

“Not everyone you work with means the best for you. I am disgusted by so many things that have been happening. Just sickening!” she started.


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What Is My Biggest Challenge Right Now?. . . To be honest it’s EMPLOYING THE RIGHT PEOPLE. At the moment I would like to employ more people in certain areas because I feel the company needs to go to a higher level but my biggest Challenge is how do I trust if these new people are going to work well? How do I know they will work according to how I want? How do i know if they will handle the amount of work given to them? How do I know somebody is not here for only the 1st, 2nd month salary. Why do people ( especially marketers) want to get paid for work they have not done? For example you employ a group of marketers, let’s say they met you were doing 845,000 cases a month and you want them to increase the cases sales but you find that by the end of even 2 or 3 months, no sales have increase but they still demand to be paid? Is it fair to pay them or Is this where paying via commission applies? I don’t like to fire people because I believe in 2nd chances but sometimes you can be pushed to the edge. ANY THOUGHTS? I Am stuck and I need external help.

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Seemingly enraged, the business lady revealed that messing with her company is like playing with fire.

“You can mess with everything else but not my company because that’s like touching fire,” wrote Anerlisa.

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