Suspended KQ Employee Resumes Duty

Suspended Kenya Airways employee Gire Ali on Thursday March 5, 2020 resumed his duty with the National courier.

Police have said that the employee won’t be charged.

KQ had suspend Gire after accusing him of recording and circulating a video showing a China Southern plane landing at JKIA with 239 passengers.

The plane caused an uproar with Kenyans expressing fears amid COVID-19 scare.

Thursday morning, Court gave KQ a 14-day ultimatum to respond to the suspension letter of the employee.

While giving the directions on Thursday morning, Justice Weldon Korir also extended orders barring the arrest of Gire Ali, the accused employee, pending hearing of the case.

KQ in return have acted swiftly to reinstate the employee just hours after receiving the ultimatum.

Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia on Wednesday reprimanded Gire Ali for what he terms as having engaged in an illegality at the Airport.

His suspension followed widespread speculation that the passengers could have been exposed to the Covid-19 virus.

CS Macharia came out, however, to state that Ali was not a whistleblower in the incident but had committed a crime.

“Ali was not a whistleblower, you don’t whistleblow on a Boeing 787 arriving at 7 am, that flight was not arriving at night in secret, so what was he whistleblowing?” quippedCS Macharia.

“He committed an illegality, you do not as a security officer, secretly film a security installation…and the legal system will see what to do with him,” he added.

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