So Cute! Wajesus Family Reveals Their Baby’s Face for the First Time (PHOTOS)

Unlike other celebrities who share their children’s photos immediately after birth, vloggers Kabi wa Jesus and Milly wa Jesus have taken their sweet time to reveal their son’s face through social media.

The online couple welcomed their bouncing baby boy, Reign Taji Kabi, in October 2019 and have been sharing his photos without revealing his face.

They also announced that Taji will now be part of their vlog as they called on their fans to welcome him to the online family.

Their marriage has been an inspiration to many couples as they never get tired to narrate their emotional love journey.

Check out the photos below of their adorable son.

Before Tji’s birth, his parents announced the pregnancy in the most romantic and emotional way ever seen through a youtube video.

They first shared their love journey before letting go of the big news that they were expecting their first child.

“Our perfect gift from God at the perfect time.Thrilled to share this exciting news with you. The WaJesus family will be a family of three. Remembering all the moms to be, new moms and those trusting God for a miracle. God has the best plans for you,” said Milly.

“In God’s perfect time, in His perfect will, in accordance with His purpose,” said Kabi.

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