I Was Called an Attention Seeker – Chantelle Petite on Exposing Tahidi High Baby Daddy

Former Tahidi High actor Ephy Saint and vlogger Chantelle Petit (Instagram)

In January 2019, Chantelle Petite shared her harrowing birth story at Coptic Hospital.

She revealed that her baby daddy had abandoned her and she had to go through the distressing ordeal all alone. We later came to learn that her baby daddy was Ephy Saint.

When Ephy was exposed as the baby daddy there was a lot of back and forth between the two with Chantelle calling Ephy abusive and Ephy calling Chantelle a liar. While most people sympathized with the new mum, others claimed that she is a liar and an attention seeker.

I Was Called an Attention Seeker- Chantelle Petite (Instagram)

“I have had many instances that I can call a disadvantage from some people telling me I’m an attention seeker looking for pity party to others calling me a liar. It hurts sometimes considering the fact that the people saying such things haven’t walked in my shoes for the last two years. I’m glad that I allowed myself to be vulnerable. It opened up an opportunity for others to be vulnerable too and let go of all the weight on their chest,” she told Pulse Magazine.

She also added that she was no longer co-parenting with Ephy and she wants to move past the scandal.

Chantelle Petit (Instagram)

“We are not co-parenting. And as I stated on Instagram, I will not be addressing this scandal anymore,” Chantelle said.

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