‘Why Are You Conning Kenyans?’- Bahati MP Goes on Angry Rant Over Uhuru-Raila Led BBI

Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri has once again launched a scathing attack at President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga over the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) saying it was no longer uniting the country as envisaged.

Speaking to Citizen Tv on Tuesday, Ngunjiri alleged that the initiative had become a con game and went on to question the President and the ODM leader on what they were up to.

Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri.

Ngunjiri lamented over division being propagated by the BBI initiative saying the country was no longer united towards unity and inclusivity.

“BBI is no longer uniting the country, it is dividing the country further. The first thing that should be a priority to Kenya is uniting the country. But we have now gone back to politics of regions, tribalism and parties. I am shocked that BBI is no longer uniting people but bridging hatred.

“I am shocked that if you sell the BBI that was launched by the President at the Bomas you are being arrested. Why are you conning Kenyans? What do you want people to do after you launched the BBI?

“Should they follow the Bomas draft or which one? People are confused. Why are you conning Kenyans? Launching and saying this is the BBI and thereafter you ignore it and start propagating another agenda in a conning manner,” said the MP.

The latest onslaught against the BBI comes a few days before the BBI caravan hits the road to Nakuru for its rally on Saturday.

The rally is expected to take the views of the residents which they whish captured in the BBI report.

The Nakuru BBI rally will happen just a week after the Mt Kenya one which was held at Kinoru Stadium in Meru County.

That aside, this is not the first time that Ngunjiri is taking President Uhuru, who is his party leader, head-on. In January the MP and the President were embroiled in a war of words after Uhuru scolded him at his home during the last visit.

The President slammed the MP for abusing him at public functions instead of serving Kenyans.

The MP, however, fired back saying he was advocating for the rights of his constituents as an elected leader adding that he did not abuse the President.

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